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Open Air Fire Permit Application Renewal

The fee of $25 (plus HST) will be charged as well as a service fee. A serivce fee of 2.50% of the amount paid is levied by Paymentus for each transaction. Please note, the Town of Grimsby does not receive any part of the service fee. 

Open Air Fires set and maintained on property zoned for agricultural use under the Zoning By-Law require an annual Farm Fire Permit. There are no fees associated with this permit. 

Have you received an approved Open Air Fire Permit from the Grimsby Fire Department in the previous calendar year?
Have you made any changes to your property since your initial open air fire permit application?

Please fill out the Mailing Address of Property Owner (if different) in the fields below:

Are you the Registered Owner of Property?
Type of Permit

By submitting this form I hereby acknowledge and agree to all conditions and restrictions specified in this Open Air Fire Permit. I agree that no changes have been made to my property since my initial fire permit application. I further agree to comply with the Town’s Open Air Burning By-law 21-17 and understand the applicable consequences for non-compliance as set out under the By-law.

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